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The AirRoamer Visitor Access Kit includes:

A Pre-configured AirRoamer Wi-Fi Access Controller. All you have to do is connect it to your existing router with the provided cable and plug in the power.

One year of AirRoamer Courtesy Access Small Business Service, providing automatic, traceable authentication service tied to your visitors’ cell phones. AirRoamer provides an unlimited number of unique user identities and passwords (that you don’t have to distribute) and an unlimited number of visitor authentications (that you don’t have to check.)

    AirRoamer automatically creates accounts tied to users’ cell phone numbers. We send the account password to their cell phone number as a text message. This ensures that the cell phone is real and in their possession. We remove the anonymity of your visitors in a very privacy-friendly manner. Removing visitors’ anonymity effectively eliminates abuse, protecting your business.

    AirRoamer uses industry standard protocols to authenticate and track access and we will resolve abuse issues if they occur.

AirRoamer provides a customized login page. The customized login page gives credit to you for providing a valued amenity to your visitors.

AirRoamer provides a redirection to a web page of your choice (normally your business’ web site home page, or a special page on your site).

AirRoamer provides two tent card signs to let your visitors know that complementary internet access is available at your location.

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