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Why Authentication?

Offering complementary wireless internet to your guests and customers has many business benefits, but there are some risks. The good news is that AirRoamer’s Visitor Access Kit protects you.

If you just install a low cost router and leave it open, your wireless signal can penetrate the walls of your building, so that unknown people might hack your business computers or your customer’s computers.

AirRoamer’s Courtesy Access service, based on our patent pending Identity Management System, ensures a visitor is who they claim to be and limits their access to public internet resources by using something they have. We use their cellphone, as means to distribute a unique password. In addition, we record all authentications, so we can contact users, block users or provide identification information to law enforcement if necessary.

While most small businesses do not require sophisticated solutions, it's important for any business to safeguard their business information, customer records, as well as their visitor’s information.

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